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We offer complimentary pickups for our tour passengers from more than a 100 local Sydney hotels and convenient city locations. Whether you are staying at one of Sydney's local hotels, hostels, appartments or live in the area, we will find the closest pickup location to you. To determine the most convenient pickup location, please indicate where you will be staying in Sydney by choosing the appropriate item from the options below.
I will be staying in a city hotel, motel, inn or hostel
We need to know the name of the hotel, motel, inn or hostel that you will be staying at. Please type the name in the space below, our system will search as you type and provide a list of options. If the name of your accommodation is not in the suggestion list don't worry, just enter the name and click the "Search" button.
There were no exact matches to the name you entered, however we have found 0 locations which are partial matches. Perhaps one of these is your hotel? You can select a hotel from the list below, or if your hotel is not displayed select "My Hotel is Not Listed".
Although the name of your accommodation was not found in our database that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, it is just not one of the common locations in our system. In order to find the best pickup location we'll need to know the street address of your accommodation.
Please enter the address in the space below:
I will be staying in a private accommodation or another area of Sydney
The quickest way to determine the best pickup location is for you to provide the street address of where you will be staying.
Please enter the address in the space below:
I know the Sydney area, so I'll select my pickup location from a list of convenient locations in the city
We have a number of pickup locations around Sydney, please choose the location where you wish to be picked up from:

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I have not chosen my accommodations in Sydney yet
No problem, but please remember that we need to determine the most appropriate pickup location, so you must contact us at least 48 hours before the tour to inform us of your accommodations in Sydney.

You can do this through our website by clicking the "Customer Login" option on the menu, or by calling our booking centre which is available 24/7 and can be reached at the following numbers:

Australia: 1800 990 457 [FreeCall]
North America: 1-855-218-6877 [Toll-Free]
International: 61 2 4227 9902
Please provide your contact information on the form below. Your booking will be created under the name and email address you provide here. [Fields marked with an are required]
First Name:
Please provide your first name in the space above.
Last Name:
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Country of Residence:
In the space below, please provide an Australian contact number (such as a mobile/cell number) or international roaming cell number if possible. This will only be used if we need to contact you on the evening before or the morning of the tour.
Local Contact Number:
Please provide an Australian contact number in the space above.
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Please provide the 3 or 4 digit security code displayed on your credit card.
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Please provide the postal code or zip code as shown on your billing statement.
When you click the button below a window will open to PayPal's website where you will be asked to authorize the payment for this booking. Please note that this is an authorization only, no charge is being processed at this time and the charge will not be processed until you have reviewed your booking and we have reserved your seats on the tour. Once you have authorized the payment, if you make any changes to your booking which alters the amount to be paid, you may be required to perform the authorization process again.
We have all of the information needed to book your tours and you're nearly finished.

Please review the details on this page and if everything is correct, click the "Create My Booking" button at the bottom of this page to process your booking. If you need to make any changes to your booking, just click the link beside the title of the section you need to modify.

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